Thursday, 16 December 2010

Year 1 as a Pro - WSOP

One of the dreams of going to Vegas was to be able to play in the World Series. A shot at the $10k main event was well beyond my bankroll, but one of the $1k events was affordable if a rather extravagent compared to my usual live tournament buyins.

There were several $1k events so I decided to play one of the later ones so that I could get used to being in Vegas first. We took an early trip to the Rio and the sheer scale of everything was pretty awesome. I managed to get some poker celeb pics while wandering around.

Gary had a great run at the $1k Event #24 and I was as ready as I would ever be and registered for $1k event Event #47.

I was pretty nervous as it began.. my biggest live buyin ever, biggest live field ever and first multi-day event ever. There were no celebs (that I recognised anyway!) at my table but Chris Moneymaker was just a couple of tables away from me. As it was the cheapest wsop event the structure wasn't the greatest with not too many chips to start.

I was quite active in the first few levels but there were only a few small pots going backwards and forwards - not getting any action with a flopped set in a 3bet pot was a bit sad in Level 2, but it allowed me to settle down and get more comfortable. A few players came and went in what was quite a mixed field of ability.

After the 2nd break level 5 began and I picked up AK. A shorter stack opened before me and we got it in preflop after I'd 3bet him. However, his QQ held on a QJxxx board and I couldn't bink a T. I lost quite a few chips but certainly wasn't out of it yet. A few hands later another shortstack went allin and it was an easy shove for me with KK. Again, luck wasn't with me and his A4 hit an A on the flop to leave me crippled. The very next hand I had 88 and shoved my few chips in.. there was a quite a lot of action behind me and I was knocked out by TT in the end.

I haven't worked out what I'm going to play in the series in 2011, but I'd like to put together a package of a couple of WSOP events and a couple from the Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza and try and sell some action on 2+2 to make it affordable and give myself some more chance to find some rungood.


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