Friday, 3 December 2010

Year 1 as a Pro - Coaching

I've had 3 coaches - Baz, Kush and Jason. Its impossible to say who was best - each has had an effect on shaping my game into what it is today. Getting coaching is critical to success in poker and its essential that you approach it with the right attitude, be prepared to listen and think really deeply about your reasons for doing anything and everything at the tables.

It has been over a year now since I had my last coaching, and although everything seems to be going really well I still make horrendous mistakes and have lots of room for improvement. I think I posted a few weeks ago that I was thinking about getting more coaching and I've not moved any further forward as yet. I'm still considering a number of different people and also what I want out of it.

As teaching is a great way to gain a greater understanding, I've taken on a student myself recently. I think I'm starting to have a positive effect on his game but it is probably taking a bit longer than it should as I'm learning the ropes myself. If it works out I may take on more students next year.

As for methods of coaching hand history reviews are best, but as many coaches say these days, its best for the student to decide the format that will work best for them. I know from experience that being sweated can be just what you feel is needed even it isn't going to give the best value for the time. I think the reason is that there is a gap between connecting up the theory of what to do and what you actually do when you are at the table, faced with decisions and limited time. I think this connection is part of what changed for me last January.


PointLedge said...

Love the concept... Can't wait to read each day.