Monday, 13 December 2010

The thoery of this one is simple enough - results for a given session, day, week, month, even year really don't matter. All that does matter is the long term and we shouldn't allow ourselves to be affected by results.

Personally, I find it really really hard to not look at results. Some will go to the extent of removing $ information from HEM/PT3, never looking at their online poker balances or graphs but I can't seem to manage it. In fact, I don't want to.

I've always been quite motivated/driven/obsessed by results and it is no different for me with poker. Its a bit of a cop out, but rather than try and look at them less I decided to try and work on the negative side-effects instead.

When results are going well it motivates me to play more, and I don't seem to allow it to affect my game in an adverse way.

However, when results don't go my way, especially after a 3+ day bad streak I find it much harder to put in volume and find the motivation to play. When I do play in this state, I'm aware that some of my decisions are not optimal and I'm probably a little desperate to turn things around and get back to "normal".

Next year I'll continue to try and improve when in this state rather than deal with the root cause. Especially in my early poker career when I need to prove to myself that I can make it work, results are rather critical. Perhaps in a few years and with a deeper bankroll to cushion any bad periods I can try and achieve a more zen-like state with regard to results.


Gert said...

I'm enjoying your posts, Ed, and I'm eager to learn a bit from your experience.

Keep it going and get yourself a bankroll for Vegas 2011 baby!