Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Year 1 as a Pro - HEM / HUD

A database and HUD are essential tools these days and the only real choice is between PokerTracker 3 (PT3) or Holdem Manager (HEM).

I started out using PT3 but a few months later I trialed HEM and decided to switch instantly. I'm not sure how PT3 is these days, but at the time it seemed buggier, had less features and the HUD seemed slow and hungry on resources.

Getting to know your database is critical so that you can make the most of reviewing hands, analysing villains and looking for your own leaks.

Getting your HUD and popups right is a very personal thing and something you should re-evaluate and tweak over time. I'm sure others would find my HUD interesting but I'm not wanting to share. I know a few of my regular opponents are reading this and I'd rather they weren't aware of the details.


Gert said...

Maybe after the downswing you should come back on Boxing Day, Ed, and take advantage of the villains' hangovers!

You'll tell me your HEM settings when I see you at the Circus next time of course ;-).

Happy Xmas dude.


anomaly16 said...

The whole of the holiday period is good. Games are certainly soft today!

Are you playing in the christmas 2-day event at the Circus. Not 100% yet but pretty sure I'll be playing.