Monday, 31 May 2010

May review

The contracting job meant I just couldn't get many hands in during May, but I played ok and ran well when I did to help boost my BR before Vegas. For part of the month it felt like my fears had come true and I'd slipped out of the groove I'd got in to, but I knew it was just frustration at a series of short sessions that started bad and not having the time to grind through to recovery.

I was back to full-time poker today (yay for no commuting and afternoon naps! :)) after finishing at the job yesterday. My first session was pretty awesome picking up a few stacks while not losing more than $11 in a pot to be up $285 but dropped 1BI at 100PL in a short second session.

After the recent FT changes I'm not sure which option is the best value for spending points, but I've been spending mine on Step 2 tickets, trying to pick up a Step 3 ticket then playing a $24 90-seater or a guaranteed MTT. I've been failing to convert these into anything meaningful for a while, but won a 90-seater tonight for $576. I got down to HU with a spanish opponent but he lost connection soon after we started and I took it down - thank you spanish internet :)

So, up $750 on my first day back at the tables and I'll be in Vegas in under a week so all is looking good!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

1 month to go

Only a month till Vegas now.. I can't wait :)

Looks like I'll be continuing with the contract job for the rest of this month which means I won't get much poker in at all. Fortunately, when I have been able to play things have been going well.