Friday, 30 April 2010

April review

Its been another solid month despite hardly putting in any volume for the last 2.5 weeks due to the contracting job. Some shots at 100PL and 200PL when the tables have been soft have gone well but it has been a little frustrating not to be able to grind through the whole month - it probably would have been my best month ever for the 3rd time in 3 months. I only managed 30k hands comapred to the 67k and 60k of the last 2 months. However, thoughts of Vegas are keeping me going and my dislike for 9-5 and the commuting will help motivate me to make poker work as a career.

May will be tough as I'll be spending a greater proportion of the month contracting. I think I'll probably abandon the idea of making the top level in the iron man loyalty programme as I just made it in April - there were definitely some evenings where I played C-game in a rush to get the necessary 200pts after a long day in an office. It's not fun if you have some early bad variance that you know you don't have the time to grind out. When I quit my job to play full-time I knew that I would be able to play/win more due to the fact I could pick the best times to play, be focussed and learn, however it was always going to be a mystery as to how much this was. 200k hands into this year it definitely feels like a significant amount although I could still just be a sick heater!

I also made some money this month with profits from my first staking deal. 3 of us have $600 invested in a solid 25NL grinder who is taking a shot at 50NL. I think I've been incredibly lucky with my first stakee, but he has a solid history, good motivation to win and a really good attitude at the tables and to learning. He has had some coaching as part of the deal and he's had an amazing month so I hope he can keep it going for the next 2 months that the deal runs. I'll definitely look to do some more staking in the future but will try to keep risk to a minimum.

Just over a month to Vegas and I can't wait :) I'm going to be playing in a $1k WSOP event so will be looking to sell some of myself in it. I'm not expecting to win or anything but if Darvin Moon... If anyone wants to buy a piece let me know - the chances are small obv, but I enjoyed having a small piece of Baz in an event last year. I haven't decided exactly which one yet as there are a few.

Gl at the tables everyone!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I set off this morning to start the contract job and it didn't take long to remember the horror of driving with loads of other cars around. For the last few months I've been able to pick when I drive and so avoid most of the bad traffic. Its going to get even worse soon as its school holidays or something and the roads are less busy then they would normally be at that time of day, and I fear even PJ Harvey and the sun being out won't make it much better.

However, its only a few weeks and I have thoughts of Vegas to keep me motivated and get through it. The company/people all seem nice and I've worked with some of them before. The work shouldn't be too strenuous and I'll be working with websites and clients that I've also worked with before. It'll certainly be a lot better than my last real job, even with the commuting.

Yesterday, my last full-time day before the job was my biggest ever cash table day, winning just over $600 in 1k hands. I have to credit both a german 97/5 who dumped a few BI at 50PL including a couple to me, as well as my fish-hunting skills as I found him at a 200PL table an hour later and took $380 from him in 54 hands. It did make me wonder if I've done the right thing in taking the job, but had to remind myself its variance-free and I don't lose money if I make a mistake! I did feel another tinge of regret today as I received an email to say my german friend was playing again :( Oh well.. maybe it was going to be his day for a comeback.