Sunday, 31 January 2010

January review

The month didn't start off that great at all. I took a few shots at 100NL which didn't go well and was getting coolered or playing badly early in every session which meant I quit and lost the motivation to grind and get through it.

The last 1/3 of the month has been great though.. some big changes at FT have been partly responsible with the raising of the min buyin from 20BB to 35BB and the addition of Rush poker. The tables have been great and I've been playing much better volume since then and I should reach around 38k hands. I've also had my first ever +10BI day :)

Next month I'm going to go for record volume (50k+) and stick exclusively to 50NL/50PL.. I'll try 100NL again in a month or two I'm sure.

I'm really pleased with my game at the moment .. some things have really started to click in my thinking at the table... looking forward to Feb :)

This week we've had the Jason Ho scandal which is a sobering lesson for the training sites as well as for anyone who deals with coaches and other players they might not know quite as well as they think.