Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Year 1 as a Pro - Results

As I've been making the posts this month I've been thinking about this one and wondering if I wanted to post an actual $ amount for how I've done this year. In a "real job" I certainly wouldn't tell people my salary and they wouldn't ask, but when it comes to poker I've been asked a lot, even by people I didn't know well. I guess the perception of it is different even though it isn't really.

However, the fact is that a lot of this information is in the public domain if you know where and what to look for. So, in the end I've decided to post the info for this year at least. I'm only going to cover $ won at the tables, so exactly how much I've made from rakeback, bonuses, tournaments, live play, coaching/staking, the contracting work I did in April/May and the overall total can remain a mystery making me feel a bit more comfortable with sharing.

I'm obviously really pleased with the results given the stakes I play and volume I put in (it helps to run above EV too!). I think it has exceeded my conservative expectations that I had at the beginning of the year and is exactly what I needed to prove to myself I can make it work as a pro and gives me a lot of encouragement for what I can achieve next year.


Sam said...

Seems like a great year man. Inspiration to up and coming or slightly losing/break even players.

Hope you have continued success in 2011!

Bazclef said...

Awesome results dude, congrats!

Gert said...

Congratulations Ed. Excellent work Sir.

If I was wearing my hat I'd take it off for you! You should be very proud of yourself.

Make sure you bring your wallet to the next OP game in the new year ;-)