Tuesday, 31 March 2009

March Review

Its not been the best month results-wise, but a profit again matching last month's $400 in around 30k hands with a graph too ugly to post.

Full ring games have been terrible this month - down $825 from only 8k hands. For the rest of the hands I've been playing 6max and its gone really well gaining back the losses from FR, leaving rakeback & tournaments as my profit for the month. Its the first time I've enjoyed playing 6max and over the last few days I think it has really helped me acknowledge some leaks in my game that I'm now working on. Baz mentioned something the other day particularly that has really made me think how I play some hands.

I'm also going to be getting some FR coaching from a new coach late in April I hope. He's one of the biggest winners at 200NL across FT & Pokerstars so it should be awesome. This is absolutely no disrespect to Baz at all who has improved my game at both FR & 6max but the opportunity is too good to miss to get some help from such a solid player (especially while he is offering it cheaply too!). I'm glad I have a few weeks to get my FR game in a better state to make the most of the sessions.

The discipline I wanted to achieve last month has been much better, and I've not played a single hand of 400NL :) But, as with all aspects of poker there is much still to improve.

The plan next month is to play 100NL FR, 100NL & 50NL 6max, to study and keep working on leaks and discipline. I'll probably play some micro PLO & HA too as I've got the omaha bug again and HEM will be adding omaha support very soon.


Anonymous said...

Consistant winnings, going to read you blog from the start when I have a bit more time, you obviously know what you're doing!

HEM recently released their beta mate, apparenbtly it is valid until April 15 then it expires and you have to buy it.

I tried it for around 50 hands of PLO last night and it works like a dream like the rest of the HEM package.

I should get royalties from the HEM guys for pimping them IMO!!

anomaly16 said...

I have the new HEM running too and it seems to work well. Its a bit confusing playing HA though as your HUD stats between holdem/omaha get merged over the hands rather than switching between the game types as I'd hoped.