Saturday, 28 March 2009

Office Poker Omaha

The practice paid off and I finished 4th tonight from 35 entrants with a decent prizepool thanks to 100+ rebuys to win £190. We played 7-handed which seemed a little odd but due to the entrants I guess.

The rebuy period was as painful as last time costing me 3 rebuys and an addon to get to a reasonable 9k chips at the break. It was an interesting mix of players at the table, from clueless to competent that made it almost pointless to raise preflop for isolation during the cheap blind levels as EVERYONE called so most hands ended up being limped pots.

Things picked up after the break and I tripled up after having middle set, nut flush draw and nut str8 draw all on the flop - at the turn I hit the str8 and a fh on the river to take it away from another nut str8. I picked up some more chips using stack & position and made it to the final table with 29k chips. The other table dominated us for chip counts - the leader and 2nd had 131k & 61k to our table max of 50k.

I started the final table 5th in chips, with 1st and 2nd both to my right :( I ducked under the first volleys of aggression and got some decent hands to fire back at 2nd in chips twice to grow my stack up to around 80k. It was most satisfying as he'd knocked me out of both the last 2 events! 3 others fell by the wayside in the meantime and we were down to 4. I'd been very tight for a couple of orbits and picked up AAT3 on the BB. Everyone limped in and I raised pot to make the pot 32k. The chips leader called (as he had done to most other raises). The flop came J87 missing me completely and possibly hitting some of his range while he probably knew I was on a big-paired hand. I probably should have folded at this point but my T gave me some foolish hope that he didn't have the str8 and I had outs to win even if he had 2 pair or a set. The pot was was 48k and I had around 55k left, chip leader had dropped a bit and 48k would have made quite a dent so I shoved pot and he put me allin which I had to call. On the flop he had 2 pair, Js and 7s. The turn came J leaving me 2 outs but the river brought another 7 and I was out.

I hadn't been too far away from 2nd in chips and had 4th well outstacked so perhaps I should have check/folded the flop and hung in for a better spot, more money and league points. Anyway, I did better than the last omaha event, made a profit, gained 7 league points and had fun so can't complain :) (and it puts me 3pts clear of Jas!)

It was a very tiring 8+ hours, especially as I probably dealt for 5hrs as well as coping with 4 cards and potsize calculations. Amazing it took that long for 35 people, but I guess PL, slower dealing and a 2hr rebuy period with a lot of rebuys didn't help. It did save me from having to watch Scotland lose though.

Net gain : +£139 (£190 - £11 - £10*3 - £10)