Wednesday, 11 March 2009


There is no justice in poker.

In real life I like to think I have a strong sense of justice and in things being fair, but there is no place for it in poker. You might occasionaly get some justice but to go after it is a leak.

There are a few scenarios where I probably call down bets or push harder where I shouldn't when the board and betting patterns dictate otherwise. As an extreme example (I wouldn't do this one now) I might have decided to slow play a flush on the flop but when the turn pairs the board or another flush card comes and I didn't have the A I'd bet big, annoyed I didn't bet when I should have done and to try and push someone off the hand - all very flawed logic. Recently I called down and lost a stack with what in hindsight was a fairly weak hand after losing a stack to a suckout on another table a few seconds before. There was definitely an element of "justice" in my weak thinking.