Monday, 16 March 2009

Office poker

Saturday's office poker event saw a small field of 35. I grew my starting stack from 7k to around 10k at the break but then lost a few chips after being re-raised a couple of times. As the blinds increased I shoved from CO with QTo and was called but hit on the TTx flop and secured the double-up with a T on the river with quads. As the bubble approached I was pretty much card dead so sneaked to the final table with 17k chips (7th). Jas also made it with around 5k more chips.

I started on the button and didn't get involved till my first BB (blinds 600/1200 ante 100) after being raised to 3600 from CO by the guy who knocked me out last time. I figured my 89h reasonable enough to call with and the flop came JT3. I checked and he put in a cbet of 4500. I took my time and decided to shove (an extra 12k) with my open-ender thinking he had just about enough chips to be able to put it down as well as me having some outs to win if behind. He called pretty quickly though and with AKo taking away 4 of my outs it wasn't looking good. An 8 on the turn gave me some hope before the river A ended it.

In hindsight I wished I'd either folded preflop or had open-shoved the flop to gain some more fold equity. Also, it meant I was out first scoring only 1 league point and not getting any cash (only 5 prizes with the small field) so don't feel too sensible to have gone out without even making a hand. Jas and I made a bet before it started that whoever finished lower in the league this year would buy the other in to the first event of 2010, but fortunately for me Jas was out 9th gaining only one more point. This makes Jas ahead by 4 points (We were 5th= (10) & 9th= (7) before this one began - league not updated yet).

Next event on 28th will be PLO which was a lot of fun last time although I hope to do better. I don't think Jas has played any omaha in a long time so hope I can narrow the margin!


Bazclef said...

"In hindsight I wished I'd either folded preflop or had open-shoved the flop to gain some more fold equity."

this :)