Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Pepsi 1991-2009

It was with huge sadness today that we had to end the suffering of my cat Pepsi. She had been bravely coping with an inoperable tumour for a few months but had reached the stage where she had lost a lot of weight and was barely eating along with some other complications and the vet agreed it was time.

She has had a good long life for a cat being around 18. We got her from the Cat Protection League in 1992 when she was around 1.5 years old and she's been with me ever since. Even when I was away I would inevitably find cat hairs amongst my belongings so in some way she has been with me all of those years at home and everywhere else from LA to Hong Kong.

Once she managed to win some gig tickets in a magazine competition as Miss J Pepsi (name taken from the song 'Jack Pepsi' by TAD) which she graciously allowed us to use!

Even now I'm looking around expecting to see her... but at least her pain has gone.


Bazclef said...


R.I.P. Pepsi

havin_a_laff said...

As tough as it is never have any regrets about your decision. The decision to end their suffering is the most important you ever take on behalf of an animal. My own experiences (losing an 18yr old cat last year and another a few years before) are that they become like your children which is hard for non-animal lovers to understand. It's only after they are gone you REALLY understand how much they meant to you. You know it will happen one day but are never able to visualise how you might feel. Anyway - a very nice tribute.