Saturday, 24 January 2009

Weekend of Live Poker

We played a home game at Andy's on Friday which was fun as usual. I hit quad 9s at one point and finished 3rd for £19 and a profit of £7. (Sorry for the 97d hand at the end of the rebuy period Jas!).

After I got home I played 6 tables of 100NL for an hour to win $330. I ran great.. big pairs prevailed, cbets worked, i hit sets etc. This was the best hand for my biggest ever single hand win at 100NL with a pot of $357 (+$200). Wish I could always win at $309/hour and 44.21BB/100!

Today I played the office poker £30+3 freezout in my first casino trip for a while. I started out well but dropped a little approaching the break then was knocked out with a hand that played itself. I raised in EP with AA and was called by TT. The flop came 789 and I was reraised allin after I bet the flop and I didn't even have to wait beyond the turn for the J.

I'd been thinking about playing some live cash with my recent online experience and the above created the perfect opportunity.. the table was filling up and I was tilt-free after the way I went out the tourney. I sat down with £40 to a very loose aggressive £50NL table with plenty of bluffing. I dropped down to £25 after some calls for value didn't hit and bought in for another £20. It didn't take long to double up with AT v A8 to £90 and i won a few more pots to get up to around £125 then this hand happened..

Most of the table limped round to my SB of QhJd so pretty much had to call the 25p for value. The BB who had sat down recently and had been involved in a few pots made a pretty low raise to £3.50 and with all but one of the limpers calling I was forced to call for value again. The flop brought AsKcTs and the nut str8 for me. I checked and the BB bet £7 into a pot of around £20 and was called by limper. His range had some outs and with a spade draw I rasied to £47. He thought for some time before calling and the turn brought 6h (other limper folded). With £120 in the pot and £76 behind I pushed allin on the turn and after quite some time thinking and muttering about QJ he called. The river was a harmless 3d and I won the £270 pot. He never showed his hand but pretty sure it wasn't a spade draw.. perhaps AQ/AK. I thought this was my biggest cash pot ever, but it works out at around $370 with the poor exchange rate on the £ - definitely my best live pot though. I got max value as I had him covered by about £1.50 and he left straight after. Apparently I didn't even microflinch when he was talking about QJ so can thank my daydreaming stare into the table for his call :) I stayed a few more orbits but didn't get involved in much else and left with £262 and £176 profit for the weekend.

The play at the cash tables really was pretty poor and its so so so exploitable - especially armed with my online experience. I'd go more often if it wasn't for the higher stakes and bigger volume online but definitely looking forward to the next trip whenever that might be.

This has completed a wonderful 4 days of poker and I'm feeling really good about my game as well as feeling lucky! Tuesday was terrible and I dropped $280 with mixture of blad play (2/3) and bad luck (1/3). Got back on the horse on Wednesday and won $140 as well as releasing the $300 iron man bonus. Thursday saw me up another $255 and with Friday's $330 above and £176 live its been a very profitable few days. I'm mindful not to be too results-orientated but is definitely giving me positive feelings and that can't be all bad.

Its a little early to say yet but its looking like this will easily be my best month to date : much more A-Game and much less B/C-Game.