Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Played well at both holdem and omaha as well as having some sick luck :) I was around 20th of the last 50 then started to gain chips and was 1st by the time it was down to 20. I was 20k chips clear of 2nd going onto the final table and powered through for 2nd taking out 4th & 5th players in one hand. I probably commited too many chips of my stack in the final hands of HU omaha where I maybe had an edge in the upcoming Holdem level but still a nice cash.

This leaves my bankroll around the magic $6000 (30BI at 200NL) but I've still got a lot to learn at 100NL so won't be rushing to move up other than the odd occasion where I'm feeling good in my game and the tables are soft.


Bazclef said...

Another great tourney score dude... well played!