Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Change of goals

My original goal was to get enough cash together to have a long holiday in Vegas, experience the WSOP and leave a little over as a seed bankroll to keep playing.

Now this really seems to make no sense.. to build a bankroll and then possibly blow 80-90% of it is just bad bankroll management. Much better to grow the bankroll further and then take 5-10% for the trip.

This means I need a new goal with Vegas still as a side goal! I don't want to set a huge $$ target so I think the best thing would be to strive for a good $/hour winrate over the previous 3 month period. The previous 3 months have seen me make $7/hour excluding rakeback and bonuses at NL100+ but I'm closer to $25/hour this month so $50/hour over 3 months seems an achievable but stretching target for now.

I plan to achieve this by

  • Playing better!
  • Playing at higher stakes if my BR/skills allow
  • Finding the optimum number of tables for me to multi-table
EDIT : Good start for the new goal : $90/hr over 2.5 hours :)