Saturday, 31 January 2009

January review

Its been a record month for me: +$2400 overall with rb/bonus/stt/mtt in around 28k hands :) I've reached my bankroll requirements for 200NL and have had a few shots which have gone really well but haven't faired so well at 100NL so I'm going to continue to focus there. Changing my BR requirement to 50BI with shots at 30BI+ might give me the time to make the improvements I need. I'm also playing some 25NL and 50NL to get familiar with making adjustments between levels, trying to ignore the $ amount on the table and think in BB.

I think I now have enough hand history to suggest that coaching is definitely +EV - I've only marked the first proper session but it really felt like a turning point. Thanks Baz!

With the good exchange rate my hourly rate is in the same ballpark as my day job.. food for thought!


Bazclef said...

Great month dude :) ... and thanks! Glad to see you kicking ass