Monday, 26 January 2009


Tried my first session of 8-tabling today at 100NL and it went pretty well. I only made a few minor mistakes like trying to setmine against the raise of shortstacks and I'm sure I missed some stealing opportunities but fortunately it wasn't too costly. I didn't time out in any hands so its definitely within my capabilities to play 8 or more.


  • Harder to pay attention to everything that is happening
  • Harder to find the time to make notes on players
  • Easy to throw away marginal hands in late position and miss stealing opportunities
  • Harder to quickly get to the relevant HUD stats for a decision when 3-4 other tables are needing your attention
  • Harder to table and seat select without losing focus on the active tables
  • Easier to get away from potentially costly marginal decisions - my biggest loss in all the hands of the session was only 12.5 BB
  • Speed of play prevents any boredom and stops me trying to engineer situations against fishy players
  • I won't see rakeback stats till tomorrow but I'm sure this should be good
  • FT points come much quicker
  • Volume of hands helps smooth the variance. (managed to play 938 hands in 152 minutes)
The pros definitely seem to outweigh the cons and I'm sure with practice it will become easier to cope with the pace.

One bonus was that when I was shutting down the tables I missed unchecking 'auto-post blind' on one table so was dealt in for another round and this happened:

I finished up the session up $283 so it continues my good run over the last few days.

Definitely think I'll invest in a 24" monitor so I can try and keep all tables on the same screen - I'm currently coping with 4 tables on each of my 19" monitors but its a bit like watching tennis!

This was the other big hand of the night:

And just to remind myself it doesn't always go smoothly this was a cooler from yesterday although I managed to make the money back after. Was really pleased how I handled it though.. not a hint of going on tilt :)