Saturday, 13 December 2008

Full Tilt holiday $100k

I spotted this a few days ago and with a buyin of only 2000 FTP I thought I'd give it a shot. Prize pool was $100 for 361st-540th up to $8000 for first.

Sign up has been popular so they've now extended it to 10,000 entrants. However, the prize structure is making me hover over the unregister button. Its now only $10 for 901st-1800th and $10k for first.

I do remember finishing 17th in a 10,000 freeroll 3-4 years ago at ladbrokes when I must have played like a muppet. I think I was able to take a long shower over the break as I had so many chips! Unfortunately I had to go out and threw my chips away in the end. So I'll probably stay registered and see if karma can give me the win I didn't deserve back then!

On the playing as a pro front I broke a few records yesterday: most FTP in a day, most rakeback in a day and most cash hands in a day and made some $$ too. In my last session I almost threw my profit away when playing too tired but I focussed for a bit longer and got it back with my KK v QQ v JJ before heading to bed. I'm definitely aware of some lifestyle changes I'd need to make if I ever did go pro.