Wednesday, 31 December 2008

December review

This month I've gained $1000, license for HoldemManager, 5 hours of coaching, 2 T-shirts and a pair of slippers from a total of 31k hands! I reached Gold iron man level so will have some bonus to work off in January.

Overall I'm really pleased with the month. Its the largest volume of hands I've ever played and although I didn't play at my best through all of it ($900 downswing mid-month) I feel my game has come on a long way. The coaching, analysis and some extra studying as well as the volume has helped me make some good adjustments to my play in almost all areas.

December goals review
1) Finish reading Poker Mindset
Oops.. forgot about that!
2) Try and exclusively play FR $0.5/$1
I didn't manage exclusivity (and doubt I ever will) but 19.5k of my hands were at 0.5/1. I don't think playing some variety is necessarily bad as long as you don't breach bankroll management.
3) Play enough volume (10k-20k hands) to reach one of the Iron Man levels for December (mental note from last month noted, but this will unlock at least $250 of bonus for my Iron Man play this year, so probably worth the effort)
volume target exceeded, gold level achieved and should have $300 (-27%) for January
4) Take up an offer to receive some coaching sessions from a better player
Coaching has been really useful and I'll definitely try and get some more sessions as well as hook up with another of the coach's students