Monday, 1 December 2008

December goals

There is something very nice about reaching the beginning of the month and changing the PT3 date filter to hide all your bad play and bad beats from the month before and start afresh. I've been reading and thinking about how we are all quite results-orientated - its human nature. Some have tried to hide their poker account balance but they seem to end up making up fictional results in their head anyway. I think the best idea is to always be aware of it but try and reach that zen state before each decision that you have to make.

Goals for the month:

1) Finish reading Poker Mindset
2) Try and exclusively play FR $0.5/$1
3) Play enough volume (10k-20k hands) to reach one of the Iron Man levels for December (mental note from last month noted, but this will unlock at least $250 of bonus for my Iron Man play this year, so probably worth the effort)
4) Take up an offer to receive some coaching sessions from a better player


Luckbox said...

Realise the bonus difference between attaining Gold & Iron in the Ironman challenge is just $25, but you have to earn twice the points to qualify for Iron. If you're playing 100NL the $25 is irrelevant. Choose to play b/c you are in the mood & not b/c of ironman points. GL.

anomaly16 said...

I find its the 20-25 days required for gold/iron that is hard rather than 200 FTP per day: 4-tabling 0.5/1 the points come pretty quick, especially with some hands over the FT happy hours.

This makes iron only a little harder to reach than gold, but your point is good: bonus is bonus and not the reason to play.