Wednesday, 31 December 2008

6 month review

In the last 6 months I've more than doubled my bankroll from $1900 to $4900 from around 150k hands and have made the switch from mainly playing STT to ring games. Its been quite a transition but I feel smarter in almost all aspects of the game now and think I am on the right track to improve further. Its also been 4 +ve months in a row :)

Goals for the next 6 months
1) Move up to $1/$2 (200NL). (I'm working off a 30BI threshold so reaching $6000 would be right for $1/$2, and if I continue the way I am I should be there soon to give it a try and am prepared to move down if need be). I've played 1.6k hands of this during december and have run very well and didn't find it too different to 0.5/1.

2) Continue to study, analyze and be coached. Also, finally get around to signing up to CardRunners and watch the good vids.