Sunday, 30 November 2008

November review

This month I've gained $200, 2 books, a $5k freeroll entry, a $30k freeroll entry, a $26 satellite token and a copy of SpadeEye from a total of 22k hands.

I reached the top "Iron" Iron Man Level at FT - its taken quite an effort to get 200 FTP for 25 days of the month. I've definitely played a few sessions when my mind wasn't as focussed as it should have been and probably drop a few $$ as a result. Mental note: bonuses are exactly what they say they are .. bonuses. Play to win and if you get a bonus then great, not the other way around.

I've mainly been grinding 0.5/1 FR which has gone a lot better than my other poker so wish I'd stuck to the main task for all my hands (only 16/5k @ 0.5/1). (I'd be up $900 including rakeback if I'd won at the same rate).

November goals review:
1. Play mainly cash (0.5/1) - probably target around 20k hands
2. Move to 4-tabling from 3-tabling
Achieved and have done a couple of sessions with 5 & 6 tables.
3. Try and play more focussed sessions (1-2hr) and learn to quit better (poker element #5)
Done ok but still needs constant work ... had the quit feeling on the last day of the month and would have been $300 more up if I'd listened to myself
4. Read more and watch more
Not watched any videos but have read some 2+2 posts, articles and have read some of Poker Mindset. I definitely plan to join CR/Stox and watch more videos next year.
5. Play a few MTT/Multi-Table SnG
I did but it didn't go very well :( Best was a low cash in a $5 6-handed rebuy MTT.
6. Play a few live casino games
I did but haven't cashed for a while there now. I'm sure I'll play a few in December over the holidays.
7. Try and do more/better analysis and maybe get some coaching?
Coaching looks like it will happen but still need to analyze more.
8. Win $$££!
Barely achieved!

I came back from quite a bad downswing 3/4 of the way through the month and feel my A-game has come on quite a bit as I finish the month. It would have been better if my month hadn't seen me drop $300 in my final few hands including these below. The first is just a horrible suckout for the other guy (he was playing 73/23/6) and the second they had quite a few outs and hit.

$0.5/$1 No Limit Holdem
6 players
Converted at


Hero (CO)

Pre-flop: ($1.50, 6 players) Hero is CO

2 folds, Hero raises to $4, 1 fold, SB calls $3.50, BB calls $3

Flop: ($12, 3 players)
SB checks, BB bets $4, Hero raises to $20, SB folds, BB calls $16

Turn: ($52, 2 players)
BB checks, Hero bets $49.50, BB raises to $99, Hero goes all-in $34.65

River: ($235.15, 2 players)

Final Pot: $220.30
Hero shows:
BB shows:

BB wins $232.15 ( won +$109.15 )
Hero lost -$108.15
SB lost -$4.00

$0.5/$1 No Limit Holdem
4 players
Converted at

Hero (CO)

Pre-flop: ($1.50, 4 players) Hero is CO

Hero raises to $3.50, BTN raises to $12, 2 folds, Hero calls $8.50

Flop: ($25.50, 2 players)
Hero checks, BTN bets $18, Hero raises to $61, BTN goes all-in $79, Hero calls $18

Turn: ($183.50, 2 players)

River: ($183.50, 2 players)

Final Pot: $183.50
Hero shows:
BTN shows:

BTN wins $181.50 ( won +$90.50 )
Hero lost -$91.00