Tuesday, 30 September 2008

September review


Sorry baz for stealing your headline, but it feels appropriate for the month I've had too :)

Overall its been my best month for some time with a profit of $1500 towards vegas fund and £122 in my wallet.

Cash games : +$209.52 (1.5k hands)
SnG : +$618.45 (351 tournies, 16k hands)
MTT : +$488.45 (10 tournies, 1.1k hands)
Untracked (Cash/STT/MTT Omaha hi, Omaha hi/lo, Horse, HA) : +$93.58
Rakeback : +$90
Live Casino Play : +£122 (3 visits)
FT Iron Man Status : Qualified Bronze
FT One-a-day freeroll : Qualified

I started out the month playing $6 SnGs and did pretty well, but a few failed attempts at $11 threw my game off and I couldn't get into a good rythm at $6 again. In one of those stupid moments I registered for a $55 turbo and won recouping some of the losses. Since this I've been playing higher stake tournaments - mainly $20 (non-turbo) and a few $30 & $50 and have had a good run. I somehow feel more comfortable at the higher stakes.. it all seems more predictable and less random than the $6 can be. With the other benefits of increased rakeback and bonus points achieved quicker I'm going to continue to play at higher stakes as I have enough bankroll to support it, and I can always drop back to the lower stakes if I have a bad run.

The recent MTT win was a bonus as well as the profit on the cash tables. I definitely prefer the 9-seater cash tables rather than the 6-seaters - I know that most cash players play the 6-seaters, but thinking of cash as early level tournament play seems to work for me.

I've done very little studying this month and almost no analysis, but I'm thinking much deeper about decisions and consequently seem to be making better ones. I hope that my reading from the previous couple of months is slowly sinking in.

Plans/Goals for next month
1. Register at cardrunners.com if they are still offering a free week
2. Read some more books
3. Focus on playing $20 SnG
4. Play a few $5 MTT/Multi SnG
5. Play a few sessions at $0.5/$1 (around 2k hands) and analyze
6. Play a few live casino games
7. Win $$$!
8. Stop playing 300 chip super-turbos!

Its nice to feel that Vegas is moving a little closer rather than further away, so I hope October will be just as good if not better:)


Bazclef said...

Sick month, congrats!

With your bankroll I'd SERIOUSLY advise you to sign up for an instructional site fully to commit to the learning process and the community. It'll really help out your learning. Instructional sites are just so far ahead of poker strategy books now that it's ridiculous.

I don't really get playing $5 MTTs, you're just so ridiculously overrolled for them. Time could be better spent playing higher buy-ins or different things.

Congrats on the good month sir.

anomaly16 said...

It was deucescracked that has the 7-day trial I've remembered now, so I'll give that a try at the weekend and see whats on offer. If I have a good month I'll buy a subscription :)

Fair point about the MTT buyins - I just haven't fared very well in them for a while so want to start low. My main focus will be on the SnG anyway.

Bazclef said...

Nice one, DC rocks anyways. Just be sure they regularly update the types of videos you're after before signing up. I'm not sure how regularly they do SnG vids.

A quick thing, for the MTT buy-ins levels you're playing the $3 to $10 rebuys are AMAZING value. SO much softer than their equivelant prize pool Freezeouts. Worth a look.