Sunday, 14 September 2008


I skipped the usual Friday rebuy and went to the Office Poker saturday event instead this week - £30 freezeout. I started ok winning a decent pot with KK but was back at starting chips as we reached the break. It didn't get much better after the break and I was fairly soon out losing with AJd to KK.

I was about to leave the casino but decided to try my luck at the cash table with a £20 buyin. 3rd hand in I doubled up with AK vs A3 and then won another big pot with AK again taking me to around £70. The play was pretty loose and aggressive and I joined in the fun with a double straddle to £2 (25p/50p blinds) and found myself with AK yet again. There was some early betting and raising and I pushed all-in to be called by 77. The board came TTJ88 for my ace to play and I was up to around £140 :) I saw a few flops in the next hour but didn't hit and announced my exit after the next round. I was on SB for my final hand and found myself with AK yet again, but there had been a raise and re-raise before me with 1 more to act after. I almost pushed all-in with the AK but the original raiser was pretty deep also and with one to act I thought I should take some profit and run so folded. As it turned out it was a battle of JJ vs 88 and I would have won with a QT4QK board - it could have been a pot of £300 if I'd got some calls but was happy to leave the table with £117 in the end.

Net win : +£64 (£117 - £33 T buyin - £20 C buyin)

I haven't kept track of all my Office Poker results, but reckon I'm about even till now. I've never cashed in the individual but did get £265 for the original team event, so thats probably covered my other buyins.

OP £30 freezeout placed:
??/?? * ?? (£0)
24th/40 (£0) + £97 (cash)

OP £30 freezeout :