Saturday, 27 September 2008

Circus rebuy..

First hand of the rebuy I got KK so raised to 250 (25/50 blinds) and got 2 callers. The flop came T73 and one of the callers opened by moving all-in and I called as did the other player. The raiser showed T6 to my KK and the other had QQ. A 6 came on the turn and it was back to the wallet. The rebuy period continued to be pretty poor and I had to rebuy 3 times in total and add on to get to the break with 4.8k chips.

After the break I progressed steadily then hit a run of bad cards and was starting to get in short supply of chips. I took a few chances and got to 12k before sinking back down to 3k with 600/1200 blinds. I went all-in in the dark and won to recover and ended up with 23.2k chips to get to the final table (around 5th in chips).

With a lot of short stacks and large stacks I patiently waited for a decent hand as players started to fall, but didn't get an opportunity and had to go all-in in the dark again with my last 7k as the BB of 6k was about to hit next hand. I hit the board pretty well but it didn't hold up and I finished 5th to win £140. I perhaps should have taken a risk at the final table, but was pleased not to be 7th-10th as they only got £50 and I would have been down on the night.

Apparently the guy who seemed most senior in the circus cardroom has been scamming the poker players for months.. somehow unregistering players when they got knocked out and pocketing their buyins! He'd been spotted doing something suspicious and they soon found evidence once investigated.

Came 5th/53 to win £140 after 3 rebuys & addon.

Net win : +£89 (£140 - initial buyin - 3*rebuy - addon)

£10 rebuy placed:
1st=(with 3 others)/5? (£330) DEAL
8th/53 (£0)
8th/60 (£0)
6th=(with 1 other)/54 (£75)
2nd/53 (£420) DEAL

£10 rebuy profit/loss :

Flattering Stats:
Final table appearances : 8/10 (80%)
Average profit :+£63.5
ITM : 6/10 (60%)