Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Final table again

It was one of the worst rebuy periods I've had at the Circus on Friday.. couldn't win when ahead and couldn't win with draws. I finally got some luck towards the end after 5 rebuys with AK a couple of times and ended up with 7.5k after add-on.

The post-break period was pretty good - my JJ doubled me up to around 30k after beating AK. One crucial hand was after I raised pre-flop with KJ and was called to see a flop of AQJ. I made a continuation bet and was also called. I checked the turn K even though it gave me 2 pair as it was such a scary board. He took over the betting and I reluctantly folded putting him on AQ/AJ/AT. It turned out he had a lower 2-pair of QJ and I would have won - it was a decision that would come to bite me later.

I reached the final table with around 24k (about average). With the blinds rising fast and no decent cards my 24k had dwindled pretty low and I was about to have 6BB with the next level of 1500/3000. I had ATc in late position with no early action and bet half my stack (8k). In hindsight I should probably have pushed, especially as the villain from above was on the BB and I knew he called raises. He called and the flop came KT3 (rainbow). With a straight draw and 8k chips left I had to go all-in and he called with AQ which held up and I was out 8th.

If I'd pushed all-in I suspect I may still have got a call from the AQ and would have been out anyway. However, if I'd taken him out before the final table I'd have had around 40k chips and wouldn't have hit this situation.. oh well :( A saver was being discussed prior to my final hand and fortunately they decided mid-hand that it would apply even if I went out, so at least I had some of my rebuys paid for.

Net win : -£31 (£40 - initial buyin - 5*rebuy - addon)

£10 rebuy placed:
1st=(with 3 others)/5? (£330) DEAL
8th/53 (£0)
8th/60 (£0)
6th=(with 1 other)/54 (£75)
2nd/53 (£420) DEAL

£10 rebuy profit/loss :


Bazclef said...

Waaaaaay, some hands to chat about :)

KJ hand flop is a very standard check-back. Really don't like betting there at all. You're never getting called by any worse and your hand cant stand a check/raise. Similarly on the turn if you don't improve you'll have no other option but to check/fold. Hence why checking back is by far the best option on flop.

You can also think about the flop bet like "Is my hand a value bet or a bluff?". Here it's neither. You're not getting value from any worse hands, and you're rarely folding out any better hands.

On the turn is range is much wider than the one you give. The stack to pot ratios are so important here that I couldn't really try to comment on it effectively.

The bustout hand is meh/whatever. Opening for half your stack is a mistake, shoving is the only correct play. Wouldn't have made a difference anyways, but don't do it again next time! :)


anomaly16 said...

Thanks for the comments.

I realised the error on the final hand the second after I'd made the bet - there was nothing useful I could hope to do with what I had left so it should have gone all in. I'd been reading some good stuff about planning your bets too, but it was 3am and I obviously was feeling the tiredness of the week.

Nice run on $1/2 btw :)

Bazclef said...

Haha, decision making does change when it's 3am and you'd like to go home :)