Saturday, 31 July 2010

July review

I got back to the UK middle of the month and its taken a while to get used to being home again and away from the heat and casinos of Vegas. It was a great trip overall and I hope to go back again next year.

During July I've played a lot more 100PL than usual and have done pretty well, which is a relief as I've not done great at 50PL for the first time in a few months. Its been fun/challenging working out how to play the 100PL regs, although it hasn't seemed too different to playing 50PL. I think one of the biggest differences is that table/seat selection is much more important - knowing when to avoid the tables and also who to have on your right.

I played just over 40k hands in July and was close to a new "best month ever" if I hadn't hit a small downswing in the final few days of the month. However, I can't be too disappointed with a 2nd best ever month and having two $1k+ days.

I played my first live poker yesterday after getting back to the UK - a £30+3 freezeout. We only had 32 entrants, but I came 4th for £100 which makes a nice change. The size of the casino and speed of dealing made me long for Vegas again though. There are some interesting events coming up that I'm looking forward to

  • 21st August - £30 PLO8
  • 11th-12th Sep - £100 2-day event
  • 2nd Oct - £50 HU NLH
The plan for August is to keep grinding 50PL & 100PL and play 30k-50k hands.