Tuesday, 31 August 2010

August Review

Its not been the best month results-wise, but still pretty decent... beating 50PL and 100PL for over 6BB/100. A 15k hand breakeven stretch in the middle of the month didn't help and I didn't get in as many hands as I should. I'm way below the 67k hands I managed in February so I really need to up the volume in September and not let short-term variance get in the way.

I've not done as well HU and shorthanded this month which has put me off starting tables and playing as many as I could or should be.

September goals:

  • at least 50k hands of 50PL, 100PL, 200PL, 50NL and perhaps some 50NL rush.
  • try and get into a studying routine - focus on HU and shorthanded.
Its been a while since I've had any coaching, partly because I've been in a good winning groove and have a good network of friends to discuss hands with, but I'm wondering if it might be a good idea to find a new coach and get a fresh perspective on my game. I certainly don't want to get complacent in my current style and there are plenty of areas I know I should be doing better in.