Monday, 5 July 2010

Flu in Vegas

I've been laid up in the house for the last few days after catching flu :( I'm not sure if I picked it up at the live tables, from going between the blazing heat and draughty aircon or at the outdoor pool at the Rio but its not been the most pleasant last few days.

However, I'm actually drinking coffee this morning which is a usual sign I'm on the road to recovery. With only 8 full days left of the trip I'm not going to manage to do everything I had hoped to but I'll try and squeeze in as much as possible.

I have managed to do a few other things since my last report:

  • playing and winning first ever game of beer pong
  • going out drinking on the strip and visiting a bunch of casinos
  • going allin blind for $70 at O'Sheas $1/$2
  • continuing to crush at ping pong in the house
I think I'm going to try more live poker today so I hope I can find some live rungood that has eluded me so far.