Wednesday, 30 June 2010

June review

I've managed to put in a decent online volume despite all the distractions in Vegas and its turned out to be my best month ever (for the 3rd time this year).

When I get back home I'm going to have to consider switching my main game to 100PL from 50PL assuming live poker in Vegas doesn't deplete my bankroll too much. I also want to try and play some more NL as there is no good reason I shouldn't be able win - I think I just have some mental blocks about it after a bad run when I was playing recreationally last year.

I'd also like to add more tables.. watching guys here playing 24 tables at a time makes my 2-6 tables seem pretty pathetic. I don't want to go all out to play as many as possible, despite the sick bonuses/rakeback they get, but I'm sure there is a good balance that will work for me - perhaps 8-10.

I've been playing some 6max tables recently and they are going well. Starting full ring tables and playing them shorthanded has definitely been good preparation and there are a bunch of bad players I wouldn't normally see at the full ring games.

EDIT: I'll post another Vegas trip report in a couple of days including a report on my sad exit from Event 47


Bazclef said...

"watching guys here playing 24 tables at a time makes my 2-6 tables seem pretty pathetic"

But do they win at 10ptbb? :)

anomaly16 said...

No, but rakeback/bonuses from supernova elite are pretty sick.. its about bottom line at the end of the day isn't it? Having said that, I think I prefer feeling like a winner.