Sunday, 2 August 2009

Good day

I haven't had many decent poker days recently so results today made a nice change.

  • 350 hands 50NL holdem - up 1.5BI
  • $10+1 holdem MTT - 5th/630 for $409 (out KK < AA)
  • $10+1 O8 MTT - 9th/112 for $25
  • $10+1 holdem 27-seater - 1st for $108
  • $6+0.5 O8 9-seater - 1st for $27
  • $2+0.25 O8 9-seater - 1st for $9
  • $3+0.8 holdem 45-seater super turbo : 1st for $60
  • 4 losers for about $50

total : +$630 :)


microstakes bankroll builder said...

hey, congrats
just ou of interest, were you playing the cash tables while playing the mtts, and was this over one session, and for how long

anomaly16 said...

thanks :)

I usually don't mix cash and tournaments. Cash was 3-6 tables over 1.5 hrs and the tournaments obviously longer (5 hrs for the 630 person MTT) and with a break in the middle.

I'd never play a 5hr cash session - its important to make the most of the 5 min tournament breaks I think: I usually make a cup of tea and get away from the screen for a few mins. (I'm glad FT have synchronised breaks now!)

havin_a_laff said...

WP. Some nice MTT results there. GL in August