Friday, 14 August 2009

Bing Blang Blaow

I've had a couple of days off work and have been able to put in some decent volume for a change - all hands at 50NL (mainly FR). Being able to play at the times I want and without the tilt of work has been great. Starting deep tables has been +EV and helps avoid the shortstacks.

The above has some O8 mixed in - pure holdem graph below.

Its nice to see some upward movement on the red line for a change even if it is a small sample.

With this, the donkaments results and some good FT bonuses its shaping up to be a pretty decent month. I've now wiped out the nightmare that was June and the "1000NL inicident" :) After June I had $500 left in my FT account (rest of bankroll held elsewhere), and I've managed to build it up to just over $3k taking my BR to a career peak of over $9k and without taking any stupid shots at higher stakes.

My plan is to continue building confidence at 50NL until I reach $10k and then move back up to 100NL (100BI).


havin_a_laff said...

WP. Steady as she goes. Great non showdown winnings too!

microstakes bankroll builder said...

hey hey
v nice, but can you explain to an idiot like me the significance of the red line and how you want it to be?
(mine is shallow downward by the way, over a large sample, yet my green line is upward.

anomaly16 said...

Its a complex subject.. I don't think there is an exact answer (probably lots of good but confusing debate on 2+2), and like "ideal" VPIP/PFR its not correct to try and engineer your play to achieve what you perceive or understand to be good.

It represents money won without going to showdown, so things that make it go up are betting and other players folding. Things that make it go down are calling a lot and then giving up. You'd expect weak passive calling stations to have a line that goes downwards quite quickly, while aggressive players who usually don't call too much can have a line that goes upward quickly.

If you tried to make it go up you might end up making huge raises as bluffs which may have the desired effect. However, as soon as other players realised they'd be calling you down a lot lighter and your won at showdown line (blue) would start to go downward along with your green one which isn't so desirable.

There is no good answer to what your red line should be doing.. it depends on the game, your playing style and your opponents.

I used to definitely be in the weak passive category and had a pretty miserable graph and winrate. Through coaching and studying I now have a more aggressive game and so I'm pleased to see some evidence of that in the graphs, but thats about all I'm reading into it.

A bit long-winded but hope you get the idea (as I see it anyway). As long as your green line is going upward and you are focussed on making the correct decisions in each hand I wouldn't worry too much :)

I used to annoy Baz with questions about my red line and why it was so "bad" so he may have some wise words to add if he sees this.

microstakes bankroll builder said...

yes, my pride states i am an aggressive superdude, but i prob have some station tendencies.

i would say thats no bad thing at the mo in some sopts in our 3betting aggro donk 50 and 100nl age, but i will def think about what to chaNGE. thanks for the explanation

Anonymous said...

My red line has soared over the past 2k hands mainly due to being more aggressive preflop, ie punishing limpers and also hammering the blinds relentlessly.

Obviously only really works against tight-passives and nits