Friday, 31 July 2009

July review

I didn't manage the volume I'd hoped this month, only playing around 10k breakeven hands. I've run pretty well in tournaments though (particularly in $12 90-seater sngos - ROI 312% in 22 attempts). Total profit for the month is $800 which isn't great but way better than last month's results!

The most important thing was that I didn't play any stakes that I wasn't bankrolled for despite feeling the urge now and again to try and wipe out the memory (and results) of last month.

The plan for august is to grind away at 50NL - probably a mixture of 6max/FR holdem with a little O8 thrown in. I've got some FT bonuses to work off by the end of August so will need to put in a reasonable but achievable volume.

I haven't had much joy in live events recently except for the table win at the team event so hope that I can turn that around too.