Wednesday, 20 May 2009

mini FTOPS main event

I managed to satellite into the mini ftops main event for 2750 FTP which saved me the $55 buyin. There were 12,000 entrants and a prizepool of $600,000 with $97,000 for 1st, so its probably the biggest MTT I've ever played in.

I hit a couple of sets early on to double up twice and made good progress through to the bubble with 1350 players left. I had some luck along the way as is needed for donkaments (KJ > AK in particular) but was on the wrong end of it for my final hand. I pushed allin from the button with TT and was called by SB with 77. I was good all the way until a 7 came on the river :(

In the end I finished 261st to win $286 after 7.5 hours of play. I don't think I made any mistakes along the way so pretty pleased with how it went even if I didn't make it into the big money.

In other poker news I went to the office poker event on Saturday but was card dead and went out pretty early as my shove with an open-ender was called and my outs didn't come.

I've also now had 2 lessons from Kush - the 1st was him watching me play 6 100NL FR tables as we discussed any spots that came up and the 2nd was a hand review session. There were a few hands he suggested plays that I would never have made myself. Its left me realising how terrible my hand-reading skills are and my thought process needs a lot of work including adjusting properly for the opponent I'm facing. Its going to take some time to really understand all of Kush's valuable words. I've got the hand review session recorded, but unfortunately the railing session camtasia file won't open :( At least I have the hands we played recorded in HEM. For lesson 3 & 4 I have to record a video of a couple of my sessions which I probably should have done soon after the lessons, but the miniFTOPS main event got in the way - I hope I'll get some time to record one tonight.


havin_a_laff said...

Hi - I'm looking for a sweat partner and wonder if you would be interested? I'm taking lessons and my coach recommended I find someone to work with. Say once a week for an hour or two. I'm still at 10NL till my hand reading improves and I plug a million leaks! Planning to move to 25NL in a few weeks time. You are playing at a higher level so no probs if you don't think it would benefit or you are already over committed. Cheers