Saturday, 2 May 2009

Good start

Good start to the month with my biggest winning day ever almost wiping out April's losses in one go :) But, much more importantly I feel my game has settled down and I played most spots really well with some great reads.

The last few days I've been reading some old 2+2 hand reviews and its helped me analyze everything so much better. I also gained some inspiration from watching Goldseraph's FR video series after buying a subscription to DC. I played a decent volume today and didn't feel my concentration waivered too much at all playing between 2 and 6 FR tables in a decent 15.7/11.4/3.32 TAG style. Some flopped sets with action definitely helped as well as stacking a nitty reg who is always tricky to play against. It gave me the confidence to really attack his blinds which I usually shy away from and I could feel him back down to me across the 2-3 tables we were both at.

Another change I made was to remove $winnings from my HUD so I can focus on player style/behaviour and to try and not focus on results but I couldn't help myself checking them now and again. I managed not to spew away any big pots for thinking I was running hot and couldn't lose though. To be honest I think it usually affects me more when I'm losing and can call down light in an effort to catch up in too big a pot that I shouldn't have got involved with in the first place.


havin_a_laff said...

WP and great start. Good idea to remove $winnings from your HUD. I also removed it from my HEM stats. Just need to find a way to hide my graph now.