Friday, 21 November 2008

Live Omaha tournament

I'm looking forward to tomorrow as I'm going to get a chance to play in my first live casino Omaha tournament, to be run by Office Poker. I've no idea how many of the usual 70-odd will be playing but it should be fun :) The format is a £10 Omaha Hi rebuy so I expect the play to be pretty random, especially at the beginning.

I'm mainly playing Holdem these days, but I've played a fair amount of Omaha Hi / Omaha 8 online in the past, so hope I might have a good chance to cash if I get some cards and a little luck.


It was a bit random as expected at the beginning with some misreads and everyone played as if a pot sized bet was compulsory. I suffered pretty badly for the first hour, my drawing hands not hitting and my good starting hands beaten (AAKQ lost in a 4-way allin pot by 95xx) so cost me a few rebuys. After the hour it got much better and I was at 19k chips after the add-on (double the average stack). I made a couple of bad calls after the break at lost a few k. I finally went out in 17th/34 after missing all 20 outs on the river (had nut straight draw, nut flush draw and would have won if the board paired too I think). It was a lot of fun though and made a nice change to the usual Holdem games.

Net result : -£61 (-buyin - 4*rebuy - addon)


Bazclef said...

Take it down!

anomaly16 said...

came 5th/83 in a mixed Holdem/Omaha PL MTT last night :) I better practice looking at 4 hole cards before I go too!