Friday, 31 October 2008

October review

Cash games : +$378 (10k hands)
SnG + MTT: -$201 (13k hands)
Rakeback : +$173
Live Casino Play : -£55 (3 visits)
FT Iron Man Status : Qualified Silver
FT One-a-day freeroll : Qualified

Quick review of last month's goals
1. Register at if they are still offering a free week
It was deucescracked and I have watched and downloaded a few vids.
2. Read some more books
I've read some of Elements of Poker which has some really good stuff. I've also ordered my own copy of the Slansky book with FTP points but its yet to arrive.
3. Focus on playing $20 SnG
I started out with this in mind but had a bad run and decided to focus more on the cash
4. Play a few $5 MTT/Multi SnG
I did and had a good place in a $10 MTT but the SnG losses wiped any profit out :(
5. Play a few sessions at $0.5/$1 (around 2k hands) and analyze
Played way more than target 2k hands due to some early success. I'm finding 9-seaters more suited to my play but probably need to think about why most grinders play 6-seated
6. Play a few live casino games
I did, but no big wins this month
7. Win $!
I finished up, so thats always good :)
8. Stop playing 300 chip super-turbos!
Played a handful but way less than before!

New goals
1. Play mainly cash (0.5/1) - probably target around 20k hands
2. Move to 4-tabling from 3-tabling
3. Try and play more focussed sessions (1-2hr) and learn to quit better (poker element #5)
4. Read more and watch more
5. Play a few MTT/Multi-Table SnG
6. Play a few live casino games
7. Try and do more/better analysis and maybe get some coaching?
8. Win $$££!