Wednesday, 8 October 2008


I've been playing a lot of $0.5/1 and almost at my target of 2k hands for the month already. Sit n Gos haven't been going so well so may take a break from them for a while. FT points and rakeback sure flow in faster at this level of cash play - around $50 rakeback per week and heading towards silver/gold/iron Iron Man level if I keep up the same amount of play.

Just had a good session with 2 very profitable hands straight after each other at the same table but felt very uncomfortable with my play. Also posted a couple of other hands that happened soon after. Left the table with $500 after sitting down with $100 but did lose $130 across 2 others.

Donkey or genius?

QQ :

JJ :

KK :

K9 :

T8 :

57 :

had to add this one from later on... (a +$150 session)
QQ : - the guy is playing VP$IP : 94 and PFR : 66 after 40 hands. Glad he didn't have the A though! He left the table after another reload and donk to cries of 'please rebuy' :)