Saturday, 18 October 2008

buyin : $11
rebuys : 0
addons : 0
entrants : 58
placed : 8th
prize : £40
profit : £29 (£39 if you count the £10 I was given by my manager for fixing a problem late on Friday afternoon that payed for most of my buyin!)

rebuy period
final hand : blinds 100/200 Q9 SB, button limps, i limp, BB (welshman) checks, flop Ad92 (rainbow), i check, BB checks, 300 raise from button, i call, BB calls. Turn Qd. I open for 1000, BB pushes all-in with around 4k. button folds, I call with my last 4k. He has K7d (nut flush draw), and river is 9d. Panic'd when it first came out but made a FH to have stack of 11.5k at the break so didn't add on.

a lot of rubbish..(some terrible play from others.. 6k stack all-in with A9d and called by 15k stack with 42o who hits a 2!). With blinds 400/800 I had around 6.5k. Drunk welshman raises 2k, and I push all-in with A3. He calls to show J9 and I hit 33 on flop to get back to around 14k.
with blinds 600/1200 and a stack around 10k I push from button with 97d and called by AJ (the guy who played 42 earlier). I hit a 9 on the flop and hold on to double up.
Sneaked onto the final table with 16.5k chips in around 8th position - chip leader has 52k.

final table
opening hand, blinds are 1000/2000 and dealt 88. I pushed all-in and called by chip leader on BB with KK. Flop shows an 8 and I have around 34k :)
Few hands later chip leader calls an all-in from another shortstack with 33. Chip leader shows 88 and 3 comes on the flop!
Few hands later on SB with ATs. Agressive player raises from button and I decide to fold, happy with new stack and not with my position. In hindsight probably a mistake - he showed one card - a Q I think (he was to go out in 9th shortly).
Chip leader goes out first in 10th.. pushing with QT and beaten by KQ.
Couple of hands later a 16k stack goes all-in. I push over the top with AK to see his A5 hit a 5 on the flop and win leaving me with 14.5k.
Blinds up to 1500/3000 and I have to fold my BB and SB.
On the button I have 10k chips (3.3 BB) and K7. There was a limper from MP3 (around 25k chips) and I decided to fold. Flop came K22 then 7 then Q and I think I would have won. It seems to be borderline in the Moshman push tables so not sure if it just looks like a mistake in hindsight due to the way it played out. BB was as short as me and I was worried a little that MP3's limp had strength and was thinking BB or I would push (reading this thought back now seems pretty dumb.. they would have just pushed over us with strength). K7 is a pretty weak push hand and I expected a call from one of the 3 still in the hand anyway.
Next hand in CO I had QJd. All folded round to me and I pushed. SB with similar stack called with AJ. I had 7 outs before the river (3*Q and 4*T for straight) but they never came and I was out.

Think I played the final table ok and was just wasn't my day?

£10 rebuy placed:
1st=(with 3 others)/5? (£330) DEAL
8th/53 (£0)
8th/60 (£0)
6th=(with 1 other)/54 (£75)
2nd/53 (£420) DEAL
8th/58 (£40)

£10 rebuy profit/loss :

Flattering Stats:
Final table appearances : 9/11 (81.8%)
Average profit :+£60.36
ITM : 7/11 (63.6%)


Bazclef said...

Q9 hand I think is fine. I probably lead that flop with 100% of my range, you'll take down the pot a LOT as it doesn't hit BTN or BBs very wide perceived ranges. You gotta bet the turn, yep and snapple off the raise.

A3 hand you don't have much fold equity there, if any at all. So this isn't a resteal, it's for pure value because you think his range for calling your shove is behind your hand. I think it's pretty slim really. I'd probably have waited for a better spot unless he was open/calling really really wide or you thought he would be retarded enough to fold some of the time. Your stack is under 10bb so you really just want to be open-shoving, re-stealing more when you have over 10bb. It's a hand to pokerstove really and see if you're ahead of the range of hands he'd raise/call with. I doubt u are.

97s OTB is a clear fold considering one of the players you're pushing into is capable of calling down with any 2. The blinds would need to be pretty tight to push here imo. It's 2008 and people snap off BTN raisers pretty light now :D

ATs hand is a snap shove. Your stack size is perfect to resteal and your hand is ahead of his range anyways if he's aggressive. I'd be pushing on him very wide here, suited connectors, any aces, face cards, etc. When you're between 10-20BB you're in re-steal mode, and this is just perfect. His button opening range is light and he's going to fold like 80% of it, even if u do get called you're likely still in good shape.

K7 hand is probably a fold as you don't really have any fold equity. I'd wait too. Would rather open shove any 2 than shove there I think, as we'd have a lot more FE. Results of the hand don't matter obv.

QJdd hand is a snap shove yep.

Nice cash sir!

anomaly16 said...

Yeah, the A3 raise was a bit poor, but was pretty sure I'd be ahead. Cards had been so bad for the previous hour and there was little opportunity to open shove at all.

I realise the 97s push wasn't great either. Again, opportunities and hands had been scarce.

I think the missed opportunity was ATs is the move I regret the most in hindsight.

Enjoying your Elements of Poker book atm :)