Monday, 10 January 2011

Good day

After the disappointing start to cash this month (b/e results, horrible non-showdown winnings) I approached my session today differently after reflecting on some of the possible short-term leaks I'd developed:

  • playing a bit too loose for my post-flop skills
  • not paying enough attention to 3bet ranges esp when opponents are quite deep
  • playing for value that can be too thin and against a very specific portion of villain's range
  • playing too many speculative hands in late position
  • ignoring reads
  • autopiloting too much
  • not finding fold button enough
  • taking too many opportunities to isolate
  • not always taking time to use hud information available
  • not believing and ignoring hud information when I do look
  • overestimating implied odds
  • taking weak lines and folding when I do have odds because of how I'm running
  • cbetting too much (esp multiway and oop) and taking thin opportunities to barrel
  • not questioning myself on reasons for betting
  • not bet sizing correctly given action, ranges and villain reads
  • making mistakes becuase I feel like I deserve to win after some runbad and stacking off incorrectly compounding the issue
  • trying too hard to win every hand
I went to the casino last night to play a live donkament for some fun and to get away from the virtual felt. Live action can be pretty slow but it gave me the opportunity to think about the above list and try and get my thought process back on track in the live hands. I played well but was shortstack by the time we made the final table of 9. I finished 7th in the end and mincashed but it payed for the event, some food and a little petrol for the car but I think the time to reflect and take a break was much more of a win.

I thought my session stats today would end up reflecting a more nitty approach but I was a lot more aggressive and also called a lot less so my VPIP/PFR gap was much lower than it has been recently. Its a small sample and I did run better than I have been with some great river cards to contrast the recent terrible ones so that stats might not mean that much, but it was my decision making process that I was most pleased with today and selection of spots to play. I could be blinded by a good day of results so I need to make sure I am as focused in my future sessions and to come back here and read this If I feel like I've let things slip.

I think getting the list of things above right and consistently is what can separate the winners from the b/e players who might appear at a glance to be very similar in nature. I saw a reg today squeeze 35o at a 5-handed table from the BB vs a minraise with two very fishy players who were very likely to be calling and how he thought his hand would play well against them oop and multiway I've no idea. He obviously flopped the nut straight and stacked one of them, but he is clearly not a thinking player despite having very TAG-like stats. He does seem to be a small winner but the sample size is fairly small so I'm not sure it will last.

Anyway, here is my brag graph for the day -

With today's session and the MTT cash the other day the month is definitely back on track :)

Here is a trivial hand today from a $2 Omaha Hi/Lo Rush Rebuy (I had a small cash in the end finishing 29th / 683), but always nice to beat a pro in a pot :)

Volume target : 750k+ Current: 15.4k Projected : 620k
BC rolling avg target : 1500 Current : 869.26


Gert said...

Ed, you're just a plagiarist.... thats MY list of faults ;-)

James said...

Nice brag! I think the standard response is to move up where they respect your raises.

Also I have a suggestion for your list - 'why not save yourself some money and occasionally refer to the notes you so carefully captured?'.

Wish I could take my own advice.