Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Ugh! Mornings and commuting

I set off this morning to start the contract job and it didn't take long to remember the horror of driving with loads of other cars around. For the last few months I've been able to pick when I drive and so avoid most of the bad traffic. Its going to get even worse soon as its school holidays or something and the roads are less busy then they would normally be at that time of day, and I fear even PJ Harvey and the sun being out won't make it much better.

However, its only a few weeks and I have thoughts of Vegas to keep me motivated and get through it. The company/people all seem nice and I've worked with some of them before. The work shouldn't be too strenuous and I'll be working with websites and clients that I've also worked with before. It'll certainly be a lot better than my last real job, even with the commuting.

Yesterday, my last full-time day before the job was my biggest ever cash table day, winning just over $600 in 1k hands. I have to credit both a german 97/5 who dumped a few BI at 50PL including a couple to me, as well as my fish-hunting skills as I found him at a 200PL table an hour later and took $380 from him in 54 hands. It did make me wonder if I've done the right thing in taking the job, but had to remind myself its variance-free and I don't lose money if I make a mistake! I did feel another tinge of regret today as I received an email to say my german friend was playing again :( Oh well.. maybe it was going to be his day for a comeback.


havin_a_laff said...

I started a contract in Edinburgh this morning. Driving in is fine but coming home is a nightmare.

GL with the job.

anomaly16 said...

Yeah, the M8 was bad today on the way out. I have to pass through some of the worst spots in Edinburgh including Hermiston Gate, Gyle roundabount and Barnton :(

Where abouts are you working? .. I'm down in Leith.