Wednesday, 31 March 2010

March Review

I'd like to thank PJ Harvey for accompanying many winning hands of poker this month :)

The month continued well although not quite as hot as the first half. I finished with a new record win for a month in just over 60k hands. Volume is down a little from my record last month but I played more quality hands and didn't waste too much time playing tiny stakes Rush. According to a certain site I'm the top 50PL Full Tilt player this month by a long margin winning at over 7BB/100 and also top so far this year winning at over 6BB/100 so I'm feeling pretty good about my game and poker at the moment.

In other news I've been offered a contracting job for 5 weeks which I've decided to take, starting in a couple of weeks. Its been a tough decision with poker going so well and the idea of mornings and commuting. However, I think its important that I keep my options open in case poker turns out not to be the career for me. This will put something in my CV as well as solidify some contacts should I need to approach them for a job in the future.

The downside is obviously that I won't be able to put in the same volume and will be restricted to playing at probably the worst hours of the day during the week. My other big fear is that it will disrupt my current progress and the hot streak I'm on at the moment. However, I've realised this thinking is probably flawed and results-orientated.. any attachment to "success" in an arbitrary timespan is meaningless in a game where only the longterm matters. Then I thought it about it some more and probably out-levelled myself so decided it's not worth worrying about!

However, the bonus is that as I'm being paid contracting rates on top of whatever I can make through poker the rest of the time, it means I'm now almost 100% certain I can afford to go to Vegas this summer :)


Bazclef said...

Good post and congrats on the great month!

I think you've made the right decision with taking the contracting job. I didn't think about the positive impact it'll have on your CV. Keeping one foot in the working world a bit is a big plus for sure if to opportunity is there.

Congrats again and best luck next month.

AllanDuke said...

You can always find a good balance with a job plus poker.

anomaly16 said...

I'd agree if the UK evening hours weren't the most reg-filled hours of the poker day