Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The tilt monster

Recognising the tilt monster

I was enjoying playing cash a couple of weeks ago and doing pretty well then something changed... I could feel an urge within myself to not believe people. I found it almost impossible to lay down a hand when I knew I was beat, wanting to make hero calls when I shouldn't. I was able to recognise the feelings without throwing away too much money but it has resulted in a number of short abandonned sessions and almost no cash hands played in the last few days.

Facing the tilt monster

Trying to understand the reasons for feelings of tilt is a tricky business - there are so many factors that tangle themselves around your A-game. Some life/work tilt has definitely affected me recently. I'd love to be able to quit my job and take up poker professionally, but I find myself stuck in a vicious circle - I'm not good enough yet to quit, yet the restrictions a 9-5 job put on your ability to study, get in volume, play at the best times can make it feel impossible. Table /seat selection seemed to become harder at my usual playing times for 100NL. Good 50NL tables were easy to find, but it seems a waste of time when I'm over-rolled for it and am getting good 100NL coaching. I didn't have a great start to the month in my first session, and as stupidily results-orientated as it is there is something for me about that first session and getting off to a good start.

Dealing with the tilt monster

I've been playing a few donkaments when I've not been at the cash tables in the hope that I can shift the feelings of tilt and satisfy my urges to call down light without losing a whole stack. I think its slowly starting to work and I feel a greater clarity coming into my decisions.

Rather than jump straight back into 100NL I think I'm going to play 50NL for the rest of the month. It should allow me to table/seat select well, limit any losses if my tilt is still in evidence, and I hope bring back some confidence that the tilt monster has beaten out of me.


havin_a_laff said...

Hi - can sympathise with all those sentiments. After some terrible 3-bet calls and paying off river bets too lightly - I put a note on my desktop in big bold letters - it just says


It's made me more nitty and I probably lose some value but I am not stacking off so light. It has really helped the tilty, frustrated feeling when you think you are laying down a good hand.

Bazclef said...

Good to hear you've done the most important thing, which is quitting and not playing when you're tilted! Well played.

As for finding out what's causing the tilt that's definately a lot more complicated. Anyways, if you want to chat over any going pro related stuff gimmi a shout... I tried to write a few things here but it got too longwinded and complicated!