Thursday, 31 July 2008

July review

July has been a pretty bad month online. At the beginning of the month I tried to make too many changes to my game, played far too many different types of games and played too much. Consequently I managed to lose everything I had won in June over the first two weeks of the month. I also played like a donkey in the Iron man freerolls and picked up nothing. I tried a new site simply because I could get rakeback there and didn't allow myself a chance to adjust to the software at low levels. Choosing a site that also doesn't have PT3 support when I'm trying to analyze my play more wasn't a good plan.

The remainder of the month has been a bit up and down and I seem to have lost confidence in my online play. I'm reassured by my live play that I've not lost it completely but I definitely need to focus more next month and try to stabilise online, play less and analyze more. I really need to translate my live game into the different formats and qualities of play online. Perhaps 45-seaters and picturing myself in a real casino will do the trick?!

On the plus side I've learnt some valuable lessons and I'm starting to do the things I should be (data mining, multi-tabling, analyzing etc..). I've also qualified for Iron Man at Silver level again so can have another shot at the freerolls.

I'd post some graphs and stats but its too depressing :( Back to the casino tonight to try for 5/5 final tables!