Saturday, 19 July 2008

3rd time unlucky?

I didn't intend to visit the casino tonight, but the usual friday home game was cancelled due to some no-shows and I didn't want to waste the trip into Edinburgh.

It was the £10 rebuy again and I made the break with around the same chipcount as last time but with 1 less rebuy. I dealt for the next couple of hours and barely had a hand but managed to hold onto my stack of around 7k.

When our table was broken up to fill the final two tables I landed in the big blind with AJ. 1st position limped and I took the pot with an all-in bet. Next hand he raised and I looked down to find myself with AK in the small blind. I re-raised all-in and he called in frustration I think and my AK triumphed over his KQ.

So, I reached the final table for the 3rd time in 3 attempts :) This time I had my biggest stack yet to get there (16.8k) and it had taken one less rebuy so was pretty pleased.

A few hands in and I'm on the BB with AK again. The pot had been raised by the button who had just lost a large pot to a shortstack (his A6 lost to KQ) so I was pretty sure I was ahead and went all-in. He thought for a while and called to show AQ. The flop brought a A but was otherwise uneventful. Still ahead at the turn, the dealer flips over a ****ing Q on the river :( Out 8th again and no money :( ARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!

Anyway, I played the best I've done there and was well ahead with the prospect of gathering around 30k chips and probably a good chance of getting to the money so I should be happy even I don't feel it right now!

Net loss : -£31 (-initial buyin - 1 rebuy - addon)


Bazclef said...

3/3 is impressive, well played sir!