Friday, 27 June 2008

The story so far

I've always been a fan of games and gambling and the internet so poker seemed like a great combo when it started to appear online. It looks like I played my first online hands at the end of 2003 playing initally at Ladbrokes and then Party Poker. I didn't keep any records in the early days but was probably up around $1.5k before I started to track my incomings/outgoings at the end of 2005. At this point I set up a Neteller account and tried to build an online bankroll so I could safely play without risking any of my wages.

I soon had a couple of good multi wins at Party Poker (best was $1.6k in a 1st/2nd split of a $20 Omaha Hi/Lo PL Rebuy) and soon got my Neteller balance up to my target $2k. I had a terrible run between September 2006 and May 2007 and almost lost it all before my luck turned and I managed to build it up again. I can only think I must have been a lucky idiot at the beginning and hope that I am now a more solid player!

Until now I've taken anything over this out as profit and spent it on gadgets (XBox 360, PC for my firewall and an EEEPC) which skews my neteller balance graph a little.

The profit graph below corrects the skew and is a better representation of my progress to date.

These days I mainly play at Full Tilt and Pokerstars although I'll probably reconsider where I play in the future to make the most of any rakeback and bonus deals available, as well as finding the most profitable games for me.

These are my sharkscope graphs from the above rooms (sit n' go only).

Full Tilt:


There isn't much point in analyzing my play to date as I don't have all the hand histories, but I think a general upward trend is good?!

As for live play my experience is much lower and I don't have any records but I'm pretty sure I'm above break even (wins of £330 and £265 are my best from buyins of the £10-£30 range).

So, now its time to focus!