Friday, 27 June 2008

June Review

June has been a pretty good month, mainly playing Sit & Gos at Full Tilt with a profit of around $800 (and a couple of T-shirts!). For the first time I've reached Iron Man status (Silver) although it doesn't mean much except for a small icon on your avatar at the tables and entry to a freeroll or two I think.

Played quite a bit of live poker this weekend, but didn't get many cards and found it hard to find any good opportunities to make a move. At the Office Poker Team Event we surprisingly finished just out of the $$ in 4th= of 16 teams. It was much closer than last time but the format tweaks weren't quite right - some players were left in a sit n go with all their team out and nothing to win even if they came first. Personally I had very few decent cards. As the blinds increased I shoved with 44 hoping my tight table image would induce folds but ran into KK and finished 7th :( If I'd known we only needed a couple more points I should have perhaps waited for something better - I think some of us will feel the same about our performances. We picked up our winners medals that we should have received last event so didn't leave empty-handed. I tried my first live casino cash game for experience - it was very loose and agressive. I left the table £1.25 up!

This will be my first $$ towards my Vegas fund even though that wasn't the plan at the beginning of the month. I've spent some of this on a PokerTracker license and also bought a 4% stake in Bazclef's attempt at WSOP 2008 event #52 ($60). Good luck Baz!

In order to get to Vegas I'll need to win

  • Enough to travel and stay in Vegas
  • Enough for a decent bankroll when I'm out there that I can afford to lose and still have a good time
  • Enough to leave $2k in neteller so I don't come back and have to start from scratch
  • Enough to pay for a holiday for Andrea so she lets me go!
This is why I'm not setting a specific date when I'm going to go.. if its in 3 years time then so be it. I don't want the pressure of having to win a specific amount by a key date to affect my play and who knows what else life will throw in the way.