Sunday, 20 February 2011

Low volume month

With contracting I'm not getting much time to play poker at the moment, but I put in a winning 3.3k hands today to get my monthly volume up to 18.7k. Results have been ok, but I've made some silly mistakes when playing a bit too tired in the evenings and not being 100% focussed on poker. I have one week more to go in my job contract but I suspect it may go on a bit longer.

Got my vegas flight booked today (way more expensive than last year unforunately). It has one less stop and I'll be travelling with one of the other guys in the house for the London->Vegas leg so it should be better than last time.

I've also finally found myself a new coach. He crushes midstakes so I hope he will able to help me get better at 100 and perhaps start taking some shots at 200. However, I'm not going to start with him until the contract is finished so that I can make the most of the lessons and applying what I learn.